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Acura AC-9270 Non Contact Baby Forehead Thermometer

Specially designed and manufactured to measure dynamic environment and body temperature values

It has the ability to continuously measure accurately using only the infrared sensor

It gives high fire warning with sound and light

12 memory capacities

There is an illuminated LCD screen that can change color according to the height of the fire (fire is normal, green screen, low fire yellow screen, high fire red screen)

Can measure Fahrenheit (F) or Celsius (C) according to the situation (requirement)

There is automatic shutdown feature

Convenient form provides ease of transport

Dimensions: 150 x 43 x 85.5 mm

Weight: 142 grams (including pillow)

Tolerance: 0.2 C

Measuring time: 0.5 seconds

Measuring distance: 3 - 5 cm

Auto power off time: 6 seconds

Works with 2 AA (thin battery) The pillars are available in the package contents

Magnetic and resistant carton storage box